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Warehouse’s Customer Styled Campaign Falls Flat

These days, it seems like there’s a constant battle between retailers trying to come up with the most innovative marketing campaigns and interactive online initiatives in order to steal as much of the market share as possible, which is most likely down to the tough economic climate. And the latest campaign that’s got our attention is by British high street retailer Warehouse.

Warehouse recently launched its Style Me If You Can marketing campaign, which turns their customers into the stylists. It features nine different videos focusing on different situations, from a job interview to a night out, and customers submit their stylish suggestions, with an overall winner for each scenario being chosen.

warehouse landscape

You have to agree that it sounds like quite a cool idea, a great source of outfit inspiration, and as a company, it’s fun to see which styles customers particularly like to help guide their product offerings. In reality, however, the videos are unfortunately more cringe than cool, and you have to wonder who would actually sit and watch all nine of these videos. While we respect the efforts to encourage on-site engagement, this campaign misses the mark.

The new range, however, certainly contains a few must haves, from neon statement necklaces to trendy geometric jumpers. Check out the collection here — and watch one of the videos if you dare.