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Bassike’s Winter 2014 Lookbook Makes Sweatpants and Sandals Cool

bassike2Bassike prides themselves on their basics. But it’s amazing how they can turn a white shirt or a pair of elasticated sweats into a statement piece – the statement being that you’re a master of minimalism with an eye for quality and a loyalty to the brands that provide it.

The brand’s Autumn 2014 offering is possibly their most eye-catching yet. There aren’t any flashy embellishments or clashing prints to speak of, of course, but there are basics that are as bold as anything you might see coming out of the fashion month street style: Satin drawstring shorts worn with furry capelets, full-length satin jumpsuits, robe-like housecoats and leather cocoon tops layered over their signature white shirts. In words it sounds horrific, but when you look at the balanced silhouettes and super-luxe fabrics it’s exactly the opposite.

All the looks are anchored by the holiest of awesome ugly footwear – Birkenstocks. Bassike has been well ahead of fashion’s current obsession with the double-strap German sandals, featuring them in their previous lookbook and proudly stocking them in-store.

You could say Bassike is doing for Birkenstocks what Phoebe Philo did for Nike trainers. Fittingly, the simplest of Autumn’s looks are what the Céline woman might wear on a fancy coffee date with friends. And the most luxurious – such as the fit-and-flare pencil skirt in milled-in-Italy leather – would fit right in with her existing wardrobe.  

It almost hurts that we’re heading into the opposite season, but socks with Birkenstocks is suddenly seeming like a year-round necessity.  


Images courtesy of Bassike