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Findings: Fashion-Forward Millennial Women Prefer Forever 21 Above All Other Brands

Image: Twitter/Forever21

Image: Twitter/Forever21

Forever 21 just released its Warner Bros. collaboration range, Bats & Cats (it's Batman- and Catwoman-themed), starring Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor. (The 21-year-old model & DJ & Duran Duran daughter also posed for the brand's primary fall campaign — pictured here.) 

The socialite is a fitting choice for the clothing, not least of all because today, a new survey released listed Forever 21 as the top fashion, beauty and retail brand favored by style-conscious millennial women. 

The Brand Affinity Index, nicknamed "The Love List" and conducted by Goldman Sachs in conjunction with Teen Vogue, compares brand preferences in a national "mass" sample of 19-29-year-old women to those of a narrower selection of respondents made up of the Condé Nast publication's readership. The survey separated participants into two sample groups to reflect both brands which enioy widespread appeal and others which, though maybe still under-the-radar in a broader sense, have high recognition among fashion-savvy influencers (the so-called "It girl reader panel"). 

Forever 21 tops the "Love List" ranked by 'It Girl' composite scores, trailed by Victoria's Secret, Sephora, H&M, Converse and Target