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Miranda Kerr Gets Two-Faced for Swarovski and Mango

What PR nightmare? Is surely an apt question regarding Miranda Kerr’s recent Vuitton/Vionnet mess-up and subsequent out-of-character outburst at Paris Fashion Week. Kerr has emerged fresh-faced and irreproachable as ever, and has two new campaigns dropping in the wake: A debut for Swarovski crystals and round two of her Fall 2013 Mango campaign.

The summery Swarovski ads were shot by heavyweight Brit photographer Nick Knight. Miranda, of course, manages to make statement crystal earrings and an equally dazzling bracelet, ring and necklace look effortlessly glamorous, while any normal human would appear to be drowning in them or playing dress-up. Apparently she got her love of jewelry from doing the latter in her grandmother’s – brace yourselves – fake pearls, as she reveals in an accompanying behind-the-scenes video.

On the opposite end of the season spectrum is her new Mango campaign. The punk factor has been toned down since August (so long, plaid and creepers) and Miranda perfectly embodies Mango’s preppy, downtown androgyne in leather, shirts and slouchy trousers. She might be the quintessential modern-day housewife, but she rocks torn jeans and heavy kohl liner like a champ. Then again, this is the girl who can also pull off sexy Japanese Lipton Santa.

See Miranda’s scandal-defying versatility in the images below.