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British Heritage Brand STORM’s Latest Collection

The British brand STORM has been around since the 80s and was the brainchild of two fashion industry insiders who wanted to create must-have fashion pieces but at affordable prices. When they initially launched their designs, they were so quirky in comparison to the industry’s current offerings that factories actually struggled to interpret the designs and create the final products, which led to STORM having to work more closely with the factories and develop new production techniques.

Their pioneering designs have gradually evolved over the years, and you can take a walk down memory lane by checking out their vintage offerings. Do you remember the 90s bubble watch? 

storm watches

These days, STORM still designs with the element of creating well-designed pieces in mind, but their offerings have a more sophisticated take. We recently got a sneak peek of their latest collection which incorporates minimalistic design to create beautiful timeless pieces. The Slimrim style watch is definitely the stand out piece of the collection; in brown, it's elegantly styled with an appearance that reminds us of a reptilian effect, yet in classic rose gold, it's completely transformed into a wardrobe staple. 

Check out their current offerings at their site, and take a look for yourself at just how far their designs have come.