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Toronto Jean Startup Wants to Get Mayor Rob Ford on a Bicycle

The love-hate relationship between Toronto and its mayor is legendary. There’s none other like it in the world and, while Rob Ford is regularly blasted in the news (read: The Star) for his indiscretions (read: smoking crack), we still find something endearingly comical about him, something that makes brands want to capitalize on his bad reputation for a good cause. Kind of like what new startup RYB Denim is doing.

Homegrown designers Chandel Bodner and Modrobes founder Steven Sal Debus recently teamed up on a crowdsourcing project for locally made RYB Jeans, literally meaning “Ride Your Bike” jeans, which aim to enhance movement while cycling. Their newly designed pants stretch, breathe and have extra fabric in all the right places to prevent wear, while rising a little more above the derriere to prevent a builder’s butt crack scenario from going on. There’s even a lock holder, a key holder, pocket placement and reflective seam piping because these guys have thought of everything!

RYB Jeans

As of now, RYB Jeans are seeking funding on Indiegogo – like so many new brands do these days – but you’re probably wondering, where the heck does Rob Ford come into all of this? Well, according to Bodner and Debus, "Mayor Ford repeatedly talks about creating jobs and helping the local economy. If we succeed we'll potentially be creating hundreds of jobs in this city. We want the Mayor to know that supporting a cycling inspired company means more good jobs in this city.  So if we meet our goal, we will personally fit and deliver the jeans to the Mayor." #robfordjeans

Seeing the Toronto mayor squeeze his cushy behind into a snug fitting pair of skinnies and cycling off into the sunset? Surely that’s reason enough to invest.