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Cara Delevingne and Terry Richardson are Up to Something … Maybe

Cara Delevingne on the set of DKNY campaign shoot, 10/15:

Cara Delevingne on the set of DKNY campaign shoot, 10/15: “Ugh, Terry just will not stop texting me.” /// Image: TNYF/

Following up on some widely-circulated shots from Cara Delevingne's Instagram earlier this month, today Terry Richardson posted new photographs of the British model to his Tumblr. The previous photos were reportedly taken in Paris. According to the captions which accompany the recent batch of images, these originated at the photographer's (Manhattan) studio, suggesting that Delevingne has now posed for Richardson twice in the past month. 

Why is this dubious duo spending so much quality time together? Let's speculate:

  • Richardson and Delevingne are shooting an epic editorial spread slated to run across several issues of Harper's Bazaar.
  • The model and photographer are fulfilling a prophecy. By meeting, they have prevented the universe from collapsing, but they are both too modest to take credit for saving the world. 
  • Richardson has determined that Lady Gaga is ovah and so he's executing Mission: Hitch Wagon to New Rising Star — in this case, the "Rising Star" is better known as Cara Delevingne. The pair is collaborating on a coffee table book. 
  • There's nothing weird going on: contrary to all appearances, both batches of photos were taken at the same shoot. 
  • They are friends and generally enjoy one another's company. 

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