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ManiaMania’s Latest Collection is Morbid Exotica For Your Home

maniamania-candleAustralia’s favorite purveyors of morbid exotica are now making macabre accessories for your home. Jewelry brand ManiaMania has come out with a new capsule collection entitled ‘Curiosities,’ a small range of home goods and key chains that reek heavily of the decadence and occult vibes of their necklaces and rings.

The collection is launching just in time for Christmas, and though ManiaMania doesn’t exactly scream of Yuletide glee, the holiday provides a fantastic excuse to bejewel your mantelpiece and key sets with their new offering. The Black Dahlia Candle features a deep smoky glass hand carved with palm fronds and serpentine shapes, and an exotic Black Dahlia scent in rich black wax – providing 40 hours of illumination and a perfect centerpiece for less traditional Christmas spreads. And the one-of-a-kind Crystal Geode Bookends in mixed tones of blues, cream and brown are really the only way to display your collection of erotic fiction.

Other items in the collection include key rings with moonphase, eye and serpentine pendants and bars of soap that are cast from and resemble real quartz and peach apophyllite crystal clusters. The only downside is that they’re so pretty you won’t want to erode them in the shower.

Head to ManiaMania’s website to view the whole deliciously macabre range.