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An Open Letter from Canada: We’re Sorry for Lululemon’s Gross Body Discrimination


Image: Lululemon

Dear World,

Ugh, where do we begin? Maybe first and foremost we should say sorry for the coward Rob Ford, for his crack-smoking ways and his inebriated drunken rants. Second of all, we’re sorry for Justin Bieber, his bratty antics and mission to sleep around the continent of South America. Now on to our final request for forgiveness: Lululemon.

This stretchy pant yogi has always been a cause for concern in recent years, what with production moving offshore, their fabric accidentally becoming see-through and, as Jezebel called out some time ago, a distinct lack of large sizes. On that note, the Canadian brand’s founder, Vancouver-born Chip Wilson, recently touched on some interview with Bloomberg TV.

"Quite frankly, some women's bodies actually just don't work for [the pants]. They don't work for some women's bodies," said Wilson. "It's really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there, and over a period of time how much they use it."

If you’ll recall, Lululemon was forced to pull thousands of pairs of yoga pants from stores over complaints the pants were too sheer. In response, the company said part of the problem lay in customers not trying the pants on and buying sizes too small for their bodies. They later redacted this comment and said the fabric used in the pants did not meet its standards and promised to make production changes. Now Wilson is once again back peddling, blaming 'problematic' women's bodies, for wearing pants that aren't, apparently, made for them.

Customer complaints over the comments are piling, and some are even refusing to part with their $10,000 bills (that’s how much Lululemon's product cost last time I checked, no?) for a pair of sub-grade stretchy pants that only cater to select sizes. In the meantime, we wardens of the North can only apologize for the yoga discrimination, and hope that all involved can move on to a happier relationship with GapFit.

Yours truly,