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Wintour is Coming: Instagram’s Best Anna Wintour Memes

Ten years ago, the true measure of success was seeing your name turned into a verb or an adjective. Today, you're nobody if you're not a meme. 

And with that, here are some of Instagram's most frightening and entertaining Anna Wintour memes:

1) #AnnaWintour #MiddleFinger #KarlLagerfeld

Maybe this is an example of content that's viral but not mimetic (meaning, there aren't countless variations on it, unless you count Instagram filters), but whatever. There's a reason this photo has been regrammed so many times — of course Anna Wintour never looks more joyous than when she's flipping the bird.

2) Anna Wintour Costume

This mini Anna Wintour costume was created by San Francisco-based lifestyle blog, Oh Happy Day

3) #AmusedAnnaWintour

Anna Wintour smiles so rarely that when she does, it goes viral. 

5) Anna #Winter

The perfect union of two memes. 

5) #AnnaWintour #MeanGirls

This one gives me chills. Maybe that's because Wintour is coming?