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Jennifer Lawrence vs Vogue Australia: Who Did Sheer Dior Better?


Images: Getty, Vogue Australia

Not one to let her new haircut court all the mixed opinions, Jennifer Lawrence stepped onto the arrivals carpet at the Hunger Games L.A. premiere wearing a totally see-through Dior Haute Couture gown that had the Twittersphere buggin’. Jennifer Lawrence fanatics, which total about 99% of the first world population, for the first time experienced a feeling that was not unconditional love towards the actress who once halted a red carpet to comfort a crying fan.

But it wasn’t just the fact her thighs were showing that had us looking twice. It’s also that it’s hard not to remember a completely see-through dress, and we’ve definitely seen this one before – on former model/socialite Erica Packer, for the cover of Vogue Australia’s November 2013 issue. Or was it Tatler’s November 2013 issue? Either way, the cover was pretty unremarkable considering the dress was worn the same NSFW way it was on the runway (i.e. with no swimsuit-like leotard to cover Packer’s top half).

Lawrence made an important adjustment to her dress, wearing a strapless bodysuit underneath it. Other than that, both women wore the same black patent belt that matched Lawrence’s Roger Vivier box clutch. In terms of bling, Packer added a string of pearls while the Hunger Games star had on some crystal wing-shaped earrings.

The dress is gorgeous, but something is a little off in both instances. Vogue Australia’s celebrity cover is a bit tabloidy for a high fashion publication, and we sometimes wish someone would get Lawrence tight with a ‘younger’ designer. We’d say Marc Jacobs, but with that haircut, we might then have some Miley Cyrus comparisons to deal with.