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Roberto Cavalli: ‘What is Not Fashion is American’

Image: WENN

Cavalli Caffe Opening in July 2013 / Image: WENN

Yesterday evening, Roberto Cavalli delivered a talk to students at Oxford University (not pictured). As reported by, the designer expounded on a variety of subjects including minimalism, mountains and his mom. 

He also took the opportunity to cast aspersion on American fashion:

"I like fashion that is different, minimalism is boring. I am a mountain in the minimalism. Fashion that is not crazy is not fashion. And what is not fashion is American."

And two more excerpts:

"I learnt to read and write, but my biggest problem was my stutter. I used to tell my mummy, 'Why should I learn when I can't even repeat what I know?' She'd cry and say, 'What a disaster of my life.'"

"It's not fair. Big companies pay stars to wear on the red carpet. Young designers can't do that, so they will never have the same success. There is also so much advertising today, I don't like it. I don't like to suggest what a woman should wear – I want her to choose my clothes without any suggestion."

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