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Watch: Rampage Promotes Black Friday with a ‘3-Way Girl Fight’ Parody Video

Here's a marketing concept that's not to my liking: To promote its Black Friday deals, Rampage created a video which parodies frenzied Black Friday shopping.

Making fun of people who participate in an advertiser-created retail holiday as a way of encouraging people to further participate in said holiday — that's a little too much hypocrisy for my delicate sensibilities.

Also not helping: the not-so-vaguely sexist '3-way girl fight' (as the company's Facebook copy puts it) at the center of the clip. 

Here are the upsides: The ad is titled 'Supermodels on a Rampage' (a cute & clever play on the brand's name) and stars the lovely Chrissy TeigenHannah Davis and Tori Praver.

[h/t WWD]