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Wait. Is an All-Juice Thanksgiving Meal Really, Actually a Thing?

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

By now, we're all well-acquainted with the wonderful, faddish world of juicing. Personally, I like juice. If Juice were a Broadway musical, I would pay $179 plus fees for orchestra seating. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I would accept juice's marriage proposal, even if juice had already picked out a ring. And I certainly wouldn't juice my entire Thanksgiving meal, which is what one writer proposes in an article published today on Fast Company's Co.Exist blog

It opens: "I am so tired of reading unrealistic gourmet Thanksgiving menus full of complicated ingredients that take hours and hours to make…[And] frankly, I'm in no mood to carbo-load."

The solution? "Breathtakingly obvious. A Thanksgiving Day Juice Cleanse." My breath was taken, for sure. 

Kamenetz then proceeds to outline various "juice substitutes" for classic Thanksgiving dishes. For example, a committed Thanksgiving juice-cleanser might swap out roasted turkey with a glass of Odwalla Chai Vanilla Protein Monster. Still too calorie-laden for you? Try canned turkey broth. 

I'm pretty sure it's satire and/or the writer is trolling (and in that case, you're welcome), but some on Twitter seem to be convinced: