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Mobilia Fashion Fusion Presents Wearable Décor

"The throws, you can wear them as a cape but you can also put (them) on your bed… (or) on your sofa," said Mobilia president Daniele Bergeron recently to the Canadian Press. Not generally a statement you would associate with either capes or throws unless you're eight years old playing dress up as Batman in the living room, but do heed her advice as this home retailer is cooking up some fusion fashion.

Mobilia 1

Teaming up with Mariouche Gagne, founder of boutique Montreal-based label Harricana, the new Mobilia collection features items crafted from materials including recycled fur (Harricana’s specialty), knits and leather with a palette of brown, black, grey and neutral tones.

Mobilia 2

Any ethically sourced braids or trims — crafted from Norwegian fox, recycled grey sweater knit and distressed graphite leather — you see on their items are fully removable, doubling up as scarves, boas, or even hats during the colder months. But just an FYI: Pillows in the line range from $179 to $399; stools from $399 to $499 and the throws are $999 to $1,499.

It’s a cool concept and, needless to say, the homeware landscape has turned into a much more seasonal and style-conscious affair in recent years, with many people updating their throw pillows as often as they change their socks. Not that these pieces can be viewed as disposable décor, but we’re talking blurred lines, ahem, between fashion and home design. Are you on board? 

Images via Mobilia