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Discover Ic! Berlin’s Fashionable Range of Frames

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find that perfect pair of glasses that suits your face shape and are stylish. And sometimes it feels that when you work within the fashion industry, your glasses are only considered cool if they are Ray Orbison-esque — i.e. thick black rimmed, you know the ones!

So it was quite refreshing to discover the German brand Ic! Berlin last week, which is stocked in several opticians throughout the UK. Transitions Optical, who creates light adaptive lenses, has teamed up with the German frame brand to provide a choice between metal frames (starting at £290) and acetate frames (starting from £300).

ic glasses 1

Both designed and manufactured in the über trendy Berlin, the metal frames are a design innovation with screwless hinges that are instead held together with a detachable clip, and get this, they’re virtually unbreakable too.

Transition lenses are the perfect solution for those who wear glasses and it’s great that Ic! Berlin has finally designed some that look like a good fashionable pair of sunglasses that can easily tie in with your different outfits and style preferences. 

Images: Ic! Berlin