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Toronto Upstart Trend Trunk: Cleaning Out Our Closets


Trend Trunk. What is it and how does it benefit me? Well, believe it when I say that the Toronto tech industry is booming. Seriously, we’re like the Snowy Silicon Valley these days and, joining in on all the upstart action, Trend Trunk is a website that that provides a platform for consumers to cash in on their closets and shop other’s wardrobes for less. Yes, in the immortal worlds of a certain Marshall Mathers, “I’m cleaning out my closet” and joining the online marketplace where consumers can buy, sell, haggle and donate their fashionable clothing and accessories.

Trend 1

Of course, many a TV addict may be familiar with the website from CBC’s Dragon’s Den. During Season 8, the company founder, Sean Snyder, asked the venture capitalists for $200,000 for 20 percent of his company, but came away a little scorched. After that, Snyder has tried crowdfunding on for size, and scored a financial boost from local grants and prizes.

Now I really hope this online venture succeeds, more so because I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Have you ever tried to sell clothes at a fashionable Queen West thrift store? It’s a painful process, one that takes too much time for too little gain. Trend Trunk however, takes the musky unpleasantness away from shilling your clothes by uploading pics and letting them find you a buyer — even the postage is free.

I’m hooked. And not only because I found a Kate Spade tote for $108 or a Michael Kors wrap dress for $68. As of December 9, the site is also hosting Blogger Fashion Week, whereby emerging and established Canadian fashion bloggers will be donating their designer threads for charity. A great excuse to purchase yourself some pre-loved Christmas party pieces, yes? 

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