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Miranda Kerr Strips Down For Terry Richardson (Again)


Miranda Kerr might have struck a less-than-memorable pose for Harper’s Bazaar’s December cover, but you can bet that what she’s doing on the inside won’t be forgotten so quickly.

Teaming up with noted sex creep/photographer Terry Richardson for the first time since she gave him his Vitamin B12 injections in his butt, Miranda poses topless and wearing a very shiny pair of patent leather boots. Hey, as Beyoncé might say, if you can’t eat them…wear them?

You might remember a similar pair of boots playing a starring role in the black-and-white shoot for Harper’s US that followed the butt injection incident. Terry and Miranda’s spread for the Australian version of the glossy is somewhat more SFW, though she’s still topless in 66% of the shoot.

But enough about flesh ratios. This time around there are words to read instead of just things to look at, with Miranda dishing to Harper’s about her recent and much publicised split from Orlando Bloom. “It’s difficult for anyone to go through a separation, whether it’s on a public scale or not,” she reveals in our new issue, on sale today. “We still love and care for each other deeply. Flynn [their two year old son] is the most important thing in both our lives. And because we share that bond, we both feel that it’s important to be united.”

Her rumoured relationship with Australian billionaire James Packer remains unaddressed by the supermodel – much to the disappointment of those who misinterpreted the “meet the Packer dynasty’s glamorous new face” headline on the cover. Turns out they were referring to Packer’s niece Francesca, who gets a five-page spread about her coming out ball in Paris. 

We’re not dissing the model just because she took her clothes off. If we had her abs we’d probably get them their own separate Instagram account. But we have to wonder why, with what she referred to as the difficulty of going through a separation in the public eye, she’s choosing to get quite this public. Whatever the reason, it’s certainly a good advertisement for high-intensity yoga and a superfood-only diet.