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Rumor: Is Harper’s Bazaar UK Planning a Kim Kardashian Cover? [Update]



Is Kim Kardashian slated to appear on a Harper's Bazaar UK cover in 2014? That's the rumor going around the tFS forums.

Miss Dalloway first posted about the possibility a week ago: "Did you hear anything about Kim Kardashian on upcoming UK HB cover? I mean that was even more unbelivable to hear than the Miley on US Vogue cover, hopefully it has the same outcome of not being true. Don't follow them, or view their site, do they report about her a lot?"

After some brief discussion, the conversation came to a lull, but it was picked up again yesterday by honeycombchild, who noticed that British Bazaar's website had included the professional celebrity in its Best Dressed of the Week roundup. 

"So now I'm officially slightly worried about her face looking up at me from my doormat in 2014," he added. 

When I checked on the website, I discovered that Kardashian has actually been appearing on Harper Bazaar UK's 'Best Dressed' lists pretty consistently for the past month. The datelines run: November 20 (look is above, left), December 6, December 12 (look is above, right). Kardashian was even included in British Bazaar's Best Dressed of the Year roundup. 

The digital arm of the publication has been calling out Kardashian's style with increasing regularity ever since it ran the feature, "Kim Kardashian's Fashion Transformation," with the meta description, "How Kim Kardashian transformed herself from reality star to Carine's best friend (with a little help from Riccardo Tisci)." The Carine Roitfeld name-check is quite the compliment, coming from Bazaar: earlier this year, the former Paris Vogue editor was named Global Fashion Director of Harper's Bazaar worldwide

The glossy's attention to Kardashian is especially surprising because we're used to seeing more hostility from fashion publications in response to her bid for attention; US Vogue notoriously cropped her out of their Met Gala slideshow in May. However, the star did appear on the cover of Roitfeld's biannual magazine, CR Fashion Book

We reached out to Harper's Bazaar for comment but have not heard back. 

UPDATE: We just heard back from British Bazaar's Digital Editor, who says that the publication has no plans to feature Kardashian on a future cover:

"I'm afraid there is no correlation between our best dressed galleries and the cover stars for Harper's Bazaar, and there are no plans to place Kim Kardashian on the cover of Harper's Bazaar UK! "

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