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Rita Ora Shoots a DKNY Fragrance Campaign in New York City


Image: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

(This is an accurate visual representation of what it's like to be in NYC right now. It's freezing and dark and most people seem to be asleep, even as they're walking around and going to work.)

Yesterday morning, Rita Ora was spotted in New York City, shooting what many believe to be a DKNY fragrance campaign. Although the Estee Lauder division which holds the scent license refused to comment when it was reached by WWD, several outlets (including our photo service) have confirmed the pop star as the face of the fragrance line. The news comes as no surprise: Ora walked the runway for the label's Spring 2014 collection, she appeared in the Resort 2014 ads and she performed at the 25th anniversary party in September.