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Alexa Chung to Launch Own Label in 2014

After receiving much recognition for her impeccable style and fronting many fashion campaigns, Alexa Chung plans to launch her own clothing range during 2014.

For the moment, she’s revealed that she has no idea what theme the label will encompass, and is planning to sit down and consolidate her ideas during 2014. Celebrity or not, launching your own label is a lot of work in such a fickle industry, but at least she’s well connected with an army of acquaintances within the fashion industry to offer her support and advice.


Daniel Deme/

The label will likely focus on Alexa’s own signature style, that effortless laid-back look she does so well. But for now, while you all eagerly wait in anticipation of Alexa’s own label launch, why not steal her party style from the high-street right now? 

1) Opt for a festive white dress like French Connection’s, £48. Then add a pair of strappy black heels such as 2) Office’s for £65, and accessorize the look with a striking clutch like 3) Accessorize’s Shelly Gem clutch, £35. Complete the look with a splash of luscious red lipstick from MAC for £19. Voila! You’re Alexa style party ready!.