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You’ll Be Able to Shop H&M’s Super Bowl Commercial (Starring David Beckham) Instantly, Using Your TV

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

After a year away, H&M has announced that it's returning to the Super Bowl as an advertising sponsor this February, with an innovative new campaign starring David Beckham. The British soccer player will appear in a 30-second spot, debuting nine new items for H&M's David Beckham Bodywear line, now in its 5th season. A preview shot of the commercial posted on WWD shows Beckham dressed down to underpants and a tanktop, scaling exposed piping. 

You might be able to buy that tanktop off his back. The commercial will include a technological component which allows viewers with Samsung TVs to buy items instantly, using a remote control. The new technology is called T-commerce (television commerce) and H&M claims its Super Bowl commercial will be the first fully-enabled shoppable TV ad ever. 

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