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Legendary Vogue Photographer: Karolina Kurkova is a ‘Much Better Model Than Kate Moss Ever Was’

Images: Getty

Images: Getty

In a profile about Karolina Kurkova's steady rise to fame published today in The New York Times, legendary fashion photographer Albert Watson was quoted making a candid comparison between Kurkova and the patron saint of model-celebrities, Kate Moss

“She’s not at the point where people on the street know who she is,” said Watson, of Kurkova. "But she’s a much better model than Kate Moss ever was. Sometimes notoriety is what you really need to become known.”

Although of course the British model enjoys a good amount of notoriety, and that has certainly helped her secure fame, it's not really fair to ascribe Moss' stunning career entirely to her tumultuous romantic history and alleged drug use. Furthermore, Watson's supposition that people on the street wouldn't know the 5' 11" Czech model by name, much less recognize her as a top model, is suspect. According to a very informal, unscientific poll conducted on Gchat five minutes ago: even among fashion illiterates, Kurkova already enjoys celebrity status. Also, I'm pretty sure even my parents know who she is.  

And as for Watson's comparison, what do you make of the claim that Kurkova is a better model than Moss? Personally, I think it's bunk. Clearly Moss is an incredible model, so is Kurkova — and so what? Life isn't always a reality show; there are no winners. 

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