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Kate’s Little Sister, Lottie Moss, Appears in Her First-Ever Editorial Shoot for Dazed & Confused



Last week, we reported that Lottie Moss, Kate's 16-year-old sister, had just signed with Storm Models and was poised to become famous in her own right (is it crass to say that outright?). Today, Dazed Digital posted photos from mini-Moss' first-ever editorial shoot, which will appear in Dazed & Confused's February Issue.

For the shoot, Lottie was photographed by Sean and Seng and styled in a variety of age appropriate looks (by designers like Pringle of Scotland and Marc Jacobs) by Robbie Spencer

Dazed also features a brief Q&A with the promising young model, in which she reveals that she loves sloths, sleeps curled up in a bottle, didn't actually read the Harry Potter series (but pretends she has), and kissed someone two weeks ago. Delightful. 

[From Lottie With Love — Dazed Digital]

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