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A Crime Against Prada? Carey Mulligan Reveals Her Oscars Fashion Secret

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(image: WENN)

Carey Mulligan may not look like a red carpet renegade but when it comes to Oscar performances, her behaviour at her first time at the awards in 2010 went unnoticed until she revealed a little secret to about her dress.

Given the chance most of us would probably feel petrified in Prada couture and praying that not a thread went out of place, Carey’s attitude however was a little more nonchalant as she divulged how she drunkenly attacked the black beaded strapless gown she wore to the 2010 Academy Awards.

"When I went to the Oscars – the only time I've ever been to the Oscars – a few years ago, I wore this Prada dress covered in cooking utensils," Mulligan told the outlet. "I got drunk at the end of the night and started ripping them off and giving them as presents to people, so that was fun. I'm pretty sure that was the point of it, that's how Miuccia meant for it to go I'm sure."

The mishap must have slipped Miuccia’s mind when she went on to create Carey’s costumes for The Great Gatsby, or perhaps she was prepared for it given the reckless nature of Carey’s character, Daisy Buchannan.

Luckily for Prada, the English actress is not attending this years awards as the Academy failed to give any her nominations for her performance in Inside Llewyn Davis. The film, written and directed by the Coen Brothers, has its UK release today.