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Pharrell’s Mountie Head Topper Launches a Thousand Post-Grammys Memes

While Madonna mirrored Colonel Sanders at last night’s Grammy awards, it’s not often that we see Canada’s own RCMP used as style inspiration for a red carpet look. Still, that’s the ensemble Pharrell Williams went for: Mountie chic as he topped a red Adidas jacket with a floppy brown, wide brimmed hat as seen in this photo snapped by Ryan Seacrest:

Pharrell Mountie Hat

After kicking off the red carpet with the commanding accessory, Pharrell – who took home three awards with his “Get Lucky” collaborators Daft Punk – went on to rotate his headwear through the night, showing off a never-ending parade of cowboy hats. But it was still the Stetson-style piece that garnered the most attention, even going so far as having a Twitter account created after it.

@PharrellHat was quickly established and, by Monday morning, had already racked up close to 15,000 followers thanks to a series of memes…

Pharrell Mountie Meme 2

Even NKOB’s Jonathon Knight got in on the action, Instagramming his own side-by-side comparison, having clearly ditched the awards in favour of a night spent Photoshopping…

Pharrell Mountie Meme

But whether the look was intended to launch a thousand memes, or whether he genuinely loves the Mounties uniform, it goes with saying that only Pharrell could pull off such a head-turning piece. Unless… I don’t know, do you think you could wear it??  

Images via Instagram