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We Are Handsome’s ‘Tropic of Babylon’ is Your Summer Staycation Ticket

we-are-handsomeIt’s officially autumn next month in Australia, which means now is the time to summer like you’ve never summered before (yes, this includes replacing meals with ice cream and margaritas). And you’ll find few things more appropriate to wear while doing so than We Are Handsome’s latest collection of swimwear.

Tropic of Babylon sees the brand’s signature cuts and hyperreal digital prints inspired by an Edenic paradise. The collection as a whole is nomadic, with individual pieces featuring prints from a variety of tropical locations from The Bahamas to Hawaii. Like usual, you can take your pick from tried-and-tested shapes, including the scoop one-piece, bodysuit (the most seasonally-ambiguous piece), surfer girl’s zipsuit, bikinis and oversized silk cover-ups.

The campaign, however, isn’t so foreign, staged at the familiar Redfern Pool. It shows your own neighbourhood can be just as decadent and exotic as any far-flung island paradise. This collection marks the debut of We Are Handsome’s first beach towels, just in case you needed another incentive to make "poolside lazing" a salient part of your daily routine.

Head to its site to see the campaign video, directed by Tony Prescott and photographed by Sebastian Kriete, set to Down in Mexico by The Coasters.