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Brit Wacher Spring 2014 Lookbook Celebrates Obscurities

Brit Wacher has been floating around the Montreal Fashion Week scene for some time. She’s a Western Canada native — born and raised on a farm no less — who studied in Vancouver before moving to Asia to gain experience. Her core training was in tailoring, which is no more evident than in her latest Spring 2014 lookbook, a living, breathing geometry set of bold shapes and lines.

Brit 5

Wacher’s mantra has always been to “celebrate the subtle obscurities found in everyday life.” One need only look at her Twitter bio to discover that fact, but in her latest collection, the B.C. rising star has taken the concept of life’s little oddities one step further.

Brit 7

“This collection talks about the opposing forces and the abstract that I see in everyday life," Brit explains on the inspiration behind her latest offering. "I try to capture the moods and feelings that each moment presents to me by transforming them into shapes, colorblocking, use of lines, color or lack thereof. This collection is about the things in life that go unnoticed or maybe slightly off. Things that we see but do not match with what we know or have seen before. Obscurities that are subtle. The subtle obscurity.”

Brit 8

My personal favourites remain the white gazaar shift dress (top right), the leather print skirt and matching bustier (top centre) and the shape button dress with leather peak dress (bottom right). I find a few of the designs to be a little Mennonite-looking, but that may have more to do with my confidence in pulling off such a bold look. Either way, monochromatic palettes are always a win, so check out the looks and sound off on which style you would rock.

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