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This Year, the Historic McKittrick Hotel Will Set the Stage for Alice + Olivia’s Enchanted Fairytale Collection

Image: Alice + Olivia

Image: Alice + Olivia

As more and more designers defect from Lincoln Center, off-site show and presentation venues have already become central to this season's New York Fashion Week story. With so many labels choosing their own unique space, location is now a crucial show element, one that can communicate just as much about the designer's vision for the collection (and influence its reception) as the hair and makeup styling. 

To that end, Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet was mindful about choosing a fitting venue for her dreamy, fairytale-inspired Fall 2014 collection; she decided on the historic The McKittrick Hotel, home to the interactive theatrical production, Sleep No More

Like the original play, the presentation will proceed as an immersive theatrical experience. The Alice + Oliva team have devised a fantastical storybook narrative which winds through the restored hotel, the models styled as dark fairytale characters.

“I loved how the Shakespearean atmosphere lent itself perfectly to our fairytale enchanted theme,” Bendet told theFashionSpot.

LCD Soundsystem's Phil Mossman has created an original soundtrack for the presentation. Alice + Olivia will be the first fashion brand to show at The McKittrick Hotel.