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Rodarte’s Star Wars-Inspired Collection: 11 Ways to Say, WTF?

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

The Rodarte Fall 2014 runway show has just taken place. Thoughts, feelings, complaints, compliments, concerns? I'm sure you have some!

After last season's bizarre LA streetwear-inspired collection, the Mulleavy sisters took their line in a new direction, to a galaxy far, far away. Five long, flowy gowns printed with Star Wars film stills (no, kidding you I am not) were among the final looks of the collection. (In the first half, the designers appeared to be channeling the ladies of Grey Gardens, as one Forum member hilariously observed.) The response has been… I don't know. Quippy:

LOL no I won't. 😀 

So, fashion ladies say "nah" to Star Wars-inspired finery. Ok. But that's not how everyone sees it. For example, Weird Space News (yep, just clicked 'Follow' on that account) thinks these runway looks are, as we say in fashun, beyond.

Even some tFSers liked them:

LolaSvelt: "From what I've seen, at least there are a few nice pieces. (I kind of like the Star Wars dresses. :ninja:) The same couldn't have been said for their last few collections."

SimpleElegance: "STAR WARS?? I love it! I would never wear it, but I love it. Overall, this was very different for them and interesting to say the least."

Mr-Dale: "I jumped off my seat when I saw those Star Wars printed gowns! I used to be a total Star Wars nerd in my early teen so you'll have to forgive me for that. They feel quite random, unless you're a Star Wars nerd and recognize the silhouettes in those cutout coat looks with the wool sweaters and turtlenecks. Very reminiscent of the choice apparel for the Rebellion in the original trilogy!"

Although of course in fashion (as in life), sometimes luv is complicated. 

As Phuel put it: "I think I love them just for having he balls to throw such ugliness out there."

Vandekamp: "The light blue C-3PO dress is actually gorgeous. If only it didn't have the [Star Wars] print. Same goes for the look before and after it."

But other people are like, "What? No."

Scott: "There are some interesting ideas in this and I have to be honest, I really kind of enjoy those cutout jackets. But the culminating presentation to me is what's so poor and detracting. It looks like a bad Anna Sui collection ultimately. And those Star Wars prints are hilariously gimmicky….I would have much rather see them take a path similarly to what [Nicolas] Ghesquiere did with Balenciaga in the late 90s, with that influence…..not so literal. It would be nice to see them edit their ideas a bit more…I dunno if they're beginning to get sucked into their own hype but I remember when they could produce more concise concepts better than what they have for the past several seasons."

Fee de foret: "They had nowhere to go but up after last season's disaster IMO. This isn't perfect or even great, but there's some interesting ideas in here. Not seeing what Star Wars has to do with anything though."

Actually, yes. What does Star Wars have to do with anything? Unclear. Also: What should I have for dinner? Someone please assist. Thank you. Good night.

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