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Andre Leon Talley Wears Uggs and Other Tidbits Learned in a Trapped Elevator at the Oscar de la Renta Show



Whilst Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2014 show yesterday was a cascade of luxurious femininity and calm sophistication, the swift exit made post-show by a number of top fashion editors was very, very far from calm as they found themselves trapped in the elevator leaving the 25th floor show destination for 50 minutes.

Whilst we obviously felt very concerned for the party at hand, there was also an inkling of Schadenfreude, for those who so often swan out of shows and are immediately whisked away in a car had found themselves so ultimately inconvenienced. THEN you find out that among the group was the wildly entertaining and outspoken former editor-at-large of Vogue, Andre Leon Talley. Suddenly, the whole affair becomes a farce and we thank our stars that Style Editor Sophie de Rosée from the UK's Telegraph newspaper was one of Andre's cohorts in the lift and recounted the whole affair for everyone to enjoy.

Writing for the newspaper today, Sophie regaled how the team of show-goers that included "WSJ's Meenal Mistry and Paula Knight, Le Figaro's Godfrey Deeny,'s Kate Davidson Hudson, the Telegraph Magazine's Daniela Agnelli and me [de Rosee] (and three more I have yet to identify), plus Jim the elevator man" became trapped after being the first to leave the Oscar de la Renta show. She then gives a hilarious account of Mr. Talley's actions, watching madness descend as he gets his head around a world with no mobile phone reception: 

"Can't you email someone?" Talley continues. No. There's no reception. "Maybe you could text someone?"

Of course, panic situations help you learn more about people and at 35 minutes, 4 seconds after Andre had already threatened to strip, the group find out he "is wearing Uggs, which he says he's been wearing for three years, but no one noticed." If there is any report worth reading this Fashion Week, it is definitely this one and it will make you love Andre Leon Talley more than you ever did before.

Read the whole story on the Telegraph here.