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Anu Raina Designs in a Toronto State of Mind

Anu Raina 1Toronto-based designer Anu Raina will be showing her eponymous World MasterCard Fashion Week collection in the Studio on Friday, March 21 at 3:00 p.m. It’s not the most prestigious of locales or timeslots, but those who aren’t yet decided on attending the Fall 2014 shows can reconsider their decision after hearing of Raina’s inspiration.

Like the vision behind her popular Toronto subway scarf, Raina is again set to channel her favourite city, paying homage with a collection that focuses on the rich hues and textures of Toronto’s autumn season. Entitled T.O², the lineup will include signature prints featuring original artwork of city-inspired imagery.

“In this collection of prints, I sought to recapture the joyful experience of falling in love with Toronto,” says Raina. “The rich memories of my first fall here have been a great source of inspiration for me. I recall an experience beyond words, where it seemed someone had filled a bucket with warm hues and splashed it across the city.”

Woven together by a common thread of black, the palette is punctuated by Malachite green, ochre, cobalt blue, prunes, purples and teals, inspired by the changing colours of nature and the passive-but-pervasive backdrop of the city’s signals and signs. Raina’s trademark prints feature stylized and abstract city scenes, including fall on Lake Ontario, gleaming high-rises, downtown at night, rides on “The Rocket” and long walks around North York.

I have only seen sketches of what’s to come — one of which is included here — but expect this collection to be a real flag-waving gem that will embody the changing nature and backdrop of fashion week’s host city.

Image via Anu Raina Designs