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Link Buzz: Target is Practically Giving Away Its Peter Pilotto Collab Leftovers

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    Those of us who are rooting for the swift demise of designer x fast fashion collaborations will be heartened to hear that Target is practically paying people to take its Peter Pilotto leftovers. (By "paying people" I mean giving them a 30% discount, but considering how fast these collaborations typically sell out, it's a bad sign.) [SheFinds]

  • London's digital fashion scene is thriving. [HuffPo]

  • Buzzfeed's Jonah Peretti expounds on bundling and the role of advertising on the site: “The way we think about it is, it goes back to the best of advertising in magazines, where you pick up a women’s fashion magazine, and you take all the ads out, it would be a worse experience for the consumer. The advertising is high-quality fashion photography and so are the editorial spreads, and that’s something to aspire to for the Web.”

    The last time I looked at an issue of Vogue (not sure if it was the February or March issue), I must have flipped through 200 pages before I even hit the table of contents. Just saying, fashion magazines are maybe not the best model for thinking about how to balance editorial and advertising. [WWD]


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