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‘The Face’ Contestant Amanda Gullickson Tells Us What It’s Like to Model Underwear in Bryant Park [Season 2, Episode 1]

[Season 2 of The Face premiered last night and today we're recapping the episode with contestant Amanda Gullickson (you can find out more about her here). The South Carolina native will be blogging for us exclusively about the show and we encourage you to tune to Oxygen next Wednesday at 9/10 C to find out whether Amanda continues on to the next round. And be sure to check back in with theFashionSpot on Thursday, for an inside look at the previous night's episode.]


Yay! The time has finally arrived and I am so glad The Face competition has finally started.

Originally, I had no idea what was in store for us at Bryant Park. I figured we would see the coaches walk, and maybe we would as well, BUT only in a bra and underwear??…I definitely did not see that one coming. On top of that, there was a full audience of complete strangers just waiting to watch us.


I am pretty comfortable in lingerie so thankfully that wasn’t too nerve wracking for me. My biggest concern was, oh my…when my dad watches this ha! I was a little bit nervous and I definitely feel I could have done better. Watching, I also remember how hot it was outside! We were all so sweaty. Hopefully it was not too obvious!


Getting back to the loft, nobody was really sure what to expect. When we walked in they had it completely hooked up! Each team room had a completely different style, which I liked.

Then it was time for the choosing of teams…Talk about nerve wracking! I had it in my head that I wanted to be Team Anne because of her Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret background, which is the path I want to take. However, I was one of the last to go in and team Anne was full already.


As you saw, I am Team Lydia and so excited about it! I am really glad everything happened the way it did. My teammates are Ray, Allison and Nakisha. 

The first challenge was at Juicy Couture and pretty challenging. I definitely thought we could win it, but it was hard for us in certain ways just because we all have such different personalities. I must say though, we got better by the minute! It was our first time working together and we pulled it off.


When Nigel revealed Naomi had won, their team was happy and screaming. We didn’t see the other team’s window, but it was disappointing we didn’t win. The worst part of not winning isn’t missing out on the prize (even though that stinks too), it is knowing Lydia has to put one of us up for elimination. When it came time for her to choose someone, I wasn’t too nervous, but the whole situation got emotional.


Early tears started flowing for Ray and Allison. I knew Allison had trouble with the perfume bottle, but I really wasn’t ready to see her go…or any of my teammates. I liked Isabelle a lot as well, even though she was not on my team. Elimination days are always tough but thankfully for our team, Ray pulled it off and came back! Lydia is absolutely amazing and so supportive. I can’t wait for you all to see everything our team and the competition has in store as the weeks continue to unravel. There is so much to come and I can’t wait to watch it all with you all!

Be sure to watch The Face Wednesdays at 10/9C on Oxygen. You can follow me on Twitter at @A_Gullickson.

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