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‘Unfiltered’ Shailene Woodley Explains Why She Deleted Her Instagram Account

Image: Jan Welters for Marie Claire

Image: Jan Welters for Marie Claire

Shailene Woodley, the lead actress in the upcoming YA movie franchise Divergent, appears on the cover of Marie Claire‘s April Issue, styled in a Tommy Hilfiger cut-out swimsuit and matching pants set. The accompanying caption describes the actress as “fresh, fun, unfiltered.” 

“Oh and,” says the magazine in a disingenuous parenthetical aside, as if it were an afterthought and not the sole motivating factor for Woodley’s appearance on the cover, “[she’s] about to be mega-famous.” The main feature appears online with the headline, “Shailene Woodley: This is What Badass Looks Like.” If by “badass” you mean, “manufactured celebrity” then sure

That being said, Shailene doesn’t need so much help in the likability department. In all her interviews, Woodley comes across as a sweet, sincere young woman who cares about living in a principled way. Talking about deleting her Instagram account in the Marie Claire interview, Woodley says: “Everything I was posting was for a story—like, ‘Look how interesting I am.’ It felt disgusting to me. It feels as though we’re so detached from actual human connection. And I got rid of my phone, too. We’re all such narcissists, and that’s what social media caters to. Our society conditions us to be our own planets, which is great. Independent thinking is so important. But we expect everyone around us to be our moons.” There’s an Instagram/unfiltered pun in here somewhere, but I’m not going to make it.

Shailene Woodley in a black and white outfit on a pink backdrop