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2 Minutes with Zink Magazine Fashion Editor Jennifer Stevens


Last month at the Next Artists Beauty Suite we met the lovely Jennifer Stevens, Fashion and Managing Editor at Zink Magazine, the New York City-based fashion and beauty glossy. Below, Jennifer tells us about her most treasured wardrobe item, her makeup essentials and her fashion vices.

The item of clothing I'm currently wearing most…I absolutely love plaid shirts. I think that they're great, especially with the whole grunge trend that's currently going on. It's simple, it's basic. Dress it up, dress it down. 

The most treasured item in my closet is…a pair of Preen biker pants from Spring 2010. And this was my absolute favorite collection. It was edgy, it was avant-garde, sexy. So they're definitely not everyday pants, but they're quite special to me. 

My beauty essentialsMake Up For Ever foundation. The HD coverage works like a charm. I absolutely love Nars lipsticks, I think that they're ultra-hydrating. And I do love a smoky eye every so often. For that I use Illamasqua, it's very highly-pigmented in terms of the texture. 

My favorite bag… I absolutely love the Phillip Lim Pashli. I think it's just a sexy bag. I can put everything in it. I have it in three different styles. I think it's perfect, it's beautiful. I love the texture of the leather. 

I'm dying to splurge on…everything leather and fur. Those are my two vices in fashion life. 

My guilty pleasure is…probably just being overly anal. And making sure, constantly calling everyone I work with to make sure that they're doing what they need to do. But that's what ensures the success of Zink and the success of our team. 

What I love most about New York…I was born and raised here, so to this day it's a love/hate relationship. Sometimes it can feel very claustrophobic, but the streets are just so full of energy. It really is a platform that allows someone to express themselves to their full potential. And I think that's so important even  beyond this industry, just as humans in general. It's a magical place.