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The London Underground Gets a Fashionable Makeover

It might look like a regular London Underground map upon first glance, but look again and you will see that the trusty London travel guide has been given a fabulous new fashion makeover thanks to German fashion site Stylight and its ingeniously named ‘punderground.’

The Munich-based site has listed London as the style capital of the world, so naturally wanted to create a map that reflected this. As they have said on their website, "The London Underground can be a difficult thing to navigate when you're wearing six-inch heels and sunglasses, so we've broken it down into something more manageable,"

Bringing a touch of glamour to what is usually a rather mundane commute to work, Londoners and visitors can now nip to Stylistrict Line rather than the District and head to Little Blackfriars Dress rather than the awfully dull Blackfriars, all in the name of serious fashion of course.

As well as entertaining everyone with their new design, they have pulled together a brilliantly comprehensive guide to the shopping areas from the mainstream favourites such as Harrods, down to local treasures such as Pitfield’s in East London.

If you’re looking for a new way to discover London, this is certainly a great one to start with, and if you can come up with any 'punderful' new suggestions for Stylight, they want you to tweet them with the hashtag #londonshops.