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Ola Rudnicka Makes Numéro April 2014 Her First Major Cover (Forum Buzz)

Aleksandra "Ola" Rudnicka was one of the outstanding new faces on the runways this season (she came in 9th in the tFS Fall 2014 Model Scorecard). Last season, she was a Prada exclusive in Milan and ended up starring in the brand's Spring 2014 campaign. Now she deservingly landed her first major cover. For the Numéro's April issue, the Polish model was photographed by Richard Bush and wears a dress by Saint Laurent Spring 2014. 

image credit: Facebook Numéro via the tfs forums

image credit: Facebook Numéro via the tfs forums

Members of the theFashionSpot forums were quick to congratulate Ola on her first international cover, but opinions about the cover shot were divided. 

"Her tight mouth is bothering me, but I'm happy to see her on a cover," commented TREVOFASHIONISTO.

Nudeunderwater was not too bothered by how Ola's mouth looks on the cover: "I personally love it. The mouth is a little tense but it's honestly not thaaat distracting," she wrote.

Nepenthes shared the same feelings, "Ah it's so good to see Ola score a major cover. She looks really intriguing and mysterious. Also love the blueish hue of the image."

Other members were not so impressed. Elfinkova posted, "When's the last time Número had a great cover? This magazine bores me to no end now."

This may not be the most memorable cover and Ola is presumably capable of producing more interesting images than this, regardless, this is a good cover. Feel free to share your opinion on it here