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How to Pronounce Fashion Designer Names Like a Supermodel

As defined by the modern neologisms blog, wordbirds, a "mumblenym" is a word you don't know how to pronounce because you've only seen it written, but haven't heard it said. Mumblenyms are especially common in fashion, a niche global industry which attracts talent and fans from all over the world; consequently, the number of pronunciation guides available online currently hovers somewhere near in infinity. There are Vogue slideshows, explainer videos, even mobile apps all dedicated to the topic of how to pronounce fashion designer names. And now, i-D has made its own contribution to the genre with a model-packed A-Z guide.

Directed by Barnaby Roper and styled by Michelle Cameron, the video stars a pair of big, pink glossy lips belonging to Lindsey Wixson. Wixson narrates the fashion alphabet, accompanied by models from all over the world: Esmerelda Seay-Reynolds (USA), Grace Bol (Sudan), Grace Mahary (Canada), Hanne Gaby Odiele (Belgium), Josephine Skriver (Denmark), Sigrid Agren (France), Soo Joo (South Korea), Tao Okamoto (Japan), Tilda Lindstam (Sweden) and Xiao Wen Ju (China).