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Watch: Naomi Campbell Refuses to Comment on Kim and Kanye’s Vogue Cover

If you missed last week's big news about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's sparkly new Vogue cover, please let me know if there's room for me to join you under your rock — it seems peaceful there.

For the rest of us, the spectacle is now in its later stages. We've not only come to terms with this new, post-Kimye reality but also been exposed to all possible gradations of public opinion on the subject. Reactions ranged from positive (Anna is a business genius!, analysts say) to negative (Sarah Michelle Gellar urged her Twitter followers to cancel their subscriptions), but nothing compares to the sheer hilarity of Naomi Campbell's response, featured in the clip above. The so-called "original supermodel" was asked to share her thoughts about Kim and Kanye's Vogue debut during an interview with the hosts of the Australian program, The Morning Show. I won't ruin it for you — go watch. [h/t Fashin]