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Zoe Saldana is the New Face of L’Oréal Paris: Do You Care?

Image: L Oreal Paris via EOnline

Image: L Oreal Paris via EOnline

​Early this morning, E! Online reported that cosmetics giant L'Oréal Paris tapped actress Zoe Saldana as its new international spokesperson.

In the first campaign shot, pictured above, the actress is impeccably made up with a subtle swipe of shimmery lipstick, velvety lashes and luscious brows. Saldana looks like many millions of bucks, the presumed value of her contract with L'Oréal Paris — and yet, I don't care?

Based on the number of people that have spent their Friday morning Tweeting the news, I am in the minority here, but to me, the photo above looks like a highly produced but fundamentally generic headshot.

And although Zoe Saldana has been the international spokesperson of my heart ever since she snuffed out a cigarette with her pointe shoe* in the 2000 movie, Center Stage, blabbering about her new deal with L'Oréal as if it were pop culture or art or something when really it is just A CONTRACT makes me feel slimy. I love creative, innovative ads, and many of the fashion ads we cover on tFS are sterling examples of how fantastic advertising can be when it's original — but most beauty ads don't do it for me. They're all Photoshop and flawless foundation; it's probably an effective way to sell lipstick, but to me, there's no story.

*I couldn't find a GIF but if you've ever seen that movie, you know exactly what I'm talking about.