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Male Models in Their Undies Kick Off Western Canada Fashion Week

The Briefing Room

Toronto Fashion Week may have pulled in the celebrities, but Western Canada Fashion Week sure knows how to get our attention. This week, the emerging designer showcase kicked off its fashion hoorah with a show that featured men in socks and undies. Yes, you read that right, and yes, it still counts as fashion. You have our attention Edmonton.

As part of the Whyte Avenue Showcase, local company The Briefing Room (seriously, check out their Facebook page to brighten your Monday morning, you’re welcome) sent muscle-bound models sashaying down the runway in colourful boxer-briefs with fun prints of skulls and pin-up girls. Designed by Robert LeBlanc and Steven Townsend, each pair costs approximately $25 and can be found online, or at the company’s new boutique in Edmonton's trendy Old Strathcona district, where they also stock men’s loungewear, swimwear, socks and skincare. The Edmonton Journal claims the models made the walk as the other designers weren’t quite ready to take the stage, but who needs a main course when the appetizer is so satisfying?

The runway later welcomed between 13 and 20 emerging designers to each show off one outfit as the celebration continued to laud local talent. In case you missed this particular, extra-special showcase, you’ll still be happy to know that Western Canada Fashion Week will be running until April 3. This is the first year that WCFW has attracted international players, so expect further buzz from the likes of Nina AthanasiouKati Metso and Odain Crowther.

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