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Harrods Teams Up With Eight Super Bloggers

These days, bloggers and brands go hand in hand when it comes to developing successful coverage but whilst some premium high street brands are all too quick to turn down the opportunity to work with bloggers, others realise just how beneficial working with the real influencers can be. Luxury British retailer Harrods is the latest to embrace the power of the blogger and develop a campaign around them. 

Harrods Teams Up With Eight Super Bloggers

Harrods chose the crème de la crème of the blogging world, of course, and decided to invite eight of the world’s most powerful fashion bloggers together for a digital style summit at Harrods HQ. This included the Fashion Fruit, Tuula Vintage, Song of Style, Blame Fashion, Wendys Lookbook and Fashion Squad.

The ladies travelled from around the globe to attend the event, where they chose their favourite new season pieces and showed us all exactly how they would style them, resulting in one very stylish campaign shot.

If you’re a sucker for a little outfit inspiration from a fashion blogger, you can shop the entire look over at right now.

Images: Harrods