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Did Beyonce Photoshop a Thigh Gap Into One of Her Instagram Photos?

The THIGH GAP: It's when your knees touch but your thighs don't. This physical attribute was once an obscure weight loss and fitness goal associated with disordered eating and body image, but over the past couple years, the term has catapulted into the mainstream. Check it out:

If you could buy pop culture trends like stock options, I would buy, buy, buy the "thigh gap" today, because the trend has been linked to a new Beyonce Photoshop scandal, which is going to raise its visibility worldwide. Even your grandma is going to be talking about it. 

Here are the basics: Beyonce posted the photograph below onto her Instagram yesterday. Her comments thread promptly exploded with followers questioning whether she had Photoshopped in a thigh gap. The singer did appear to have a prominent and weirdly pixelated space in her upper leg area, but unlike previous Instagram x Photoshop scandals (namely, the one involving model Miranda Kerr), no one has spotted other instances of airbrushing on Queen Bey's social media accounts. Nor has anyone been able to trace down photo proof that the posted image was digitally manipulated. 

Beyonce golfs in this instagram photo where she has a large thigh gap

Image: Instagram/Beyonce

People are freaking out because 1) changing your body shape for social media using Photoshop is a gross display of vanity, 2) Beyonce is celebrated for her womanly curves, which are somewhat absent in the image above, 3) If Beyonce DID Photoshop her thighs to appear more aspirationally thigh gap-y, that means she is actively creating an image of herself that promotes an unhealthy and unattainable body image to the legions of young girls who look up to her.

But still! There's no proof here, just lots of fumes. 

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