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Would You Spend $1,290 on a Pair of Stockings? What If They Were from Saint Laurent?

Bedazzled stockings from Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Hedi Slimane via Getty

If you had $1,290 to spend on anything, what would you choose?

  1. A 13-inch, 128 GB Macbook Air.
  2. A purebred Maine Coon kitten
  3. One month's rent for a room in Williamburg, Brooklyn, at current market rates. 
  4. A pair of silk trousers by Simone Rocha
  5. A round-trip ticket from New York City to Buenos Aires. 
  6. Saint Laurent crystal fishnet pantyhose

If you chose option #6, you are in luck!

Barneys and Saint Laurent have cornered the luxury bedazzled stockings market with a pair of Italian-made tights covered with sparkly Strass crystals. Billed as a simple way to "move from conference room to cocktail party," the item is available in both black and crystal.

Pyromaniacs will also be happy to know that the item is made from polyamide fabric, which is known to be nonflammable; $1,290 might sound like a lot of money, but at least you know you're buying something that was built to last.