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Shop Sky Ferreira’s ‘I Blame Myself’ Music Video Through SSENSE

Montreal-based e-tailer first brought the idea of shoppable music videos to the world through Iggy Azalea’s “I Think She’s Ready.” Now they’re doing it again with the premiere of Sky Ferreira’s catchy “I Blame Myself.”

Sky Ferreira shoppable music video

So, what exactly is a “shoppable music video”? Well, as you watch your favourite songbird belt out her ditties, you can shop the very items worn in the vid on SSENSE’s website. The original concept featured pop-up ads whenever a coordinating piece was available for purchase. Sky’s version has done away with the spam in favour of a catalogue layout. All the looks have been styled by SSENSE and the venture comes in partnership with London-based glossy System magazine.

“Today, more than ever before, fashion informs music, music informs fashion, and technology informs everything,” System's editor-in-chief said in a press release. “Our exciting partnership with SSENSE allows us to bring together these three worlds and share them quickly and nimbly with a global community. In doing so, we hope to reignite the music video as the cultural catalyst for our times.”

Sky Ferreira shoppable music video

Take your pick of pricey items like Sky Ferreira’s $830 Givenchy sharktooth necklace or her Saint Laurent zipped biker skirt, ringing in at $3325. This particular shop the look option might not be easy on the wallet, but at the very least, a girl can still dream about one day donning more than $20,000 worth of swag in the space of four minutes.

Images via SSENSE/Vevo