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Isabel Lucas Finally Got a Red Carpet Makeover

Isabel Lucas

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Back when boho was still cool outside of Coachella and Margot Robbie still worked at Subway, Isabel Lucas was Australian fashion’s flower child. She lived for a crossbody coin purse and believed there was no occasion not fit for a bejewelled headband. She lunched in vegan leather fringe and drank kombucha when everyone still thought it was a martial art. She dated Angus Stone.

Her look was often appropriated by the shopping pages of People magazine, but she never really made a splash in the fashion industry. She never landed a campaign or a beauty contract, which is unfortunate because, well… she's friggin' beautiful. Plus, she deserves props for staying true to personal style, instead of giving in to passing trends. Still, Isabel sort of flew under the global fashion industry’s radar, only occasionally making headlines when she showed up to events dressed like a Christmas ribbon.

But then something happened—probably a realisation that she was a movie star, not an extra in a made-for-TV series about Woodstock, or maybe she just turned 29 and stopped with the Sienna Miller Lite swag. We didn’t even recognise her at Giorgio Armani’s ‘One Night Only’ event in New York City back in October, wearing a sharp-shouldered Armani blazer and slicked back hair.

And then 2014 happened. First she wore a gorgeous iridescent lace dress to the MOCA's 35th anniversary. Two days later, she hit the New York screening for her short film Engram in bright blue Prabal Gurung. And this week, she again put some effort in at the Tribeca Film Festival, wearing the heck out of a tailored jumpsuit and velvet blazer. The common thread, and sign she has totally bowed to her stylists wiles, is the sleek braided hairstyle, which we are so here for. Keep it up, girl. Kendall Jenner is only too keen to step in as Coachella Queen.