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Cara Delevingne to Show off Her Acting Chops in the Upcoming ‘Pan’ Movie

Cara Delevingne at the 2014 ELLE style awards

Lexie Appleby/Future Image/

Cara Delevingne's Hollywood dreams are quickly coming true. Since she sprung onto the scene, the model has been very open about her silver screen aspirations. She's already had her share of acting gigs, appearing in the 2012 flick Anna Karenina. According to iMDb, she's got three more movies coming up, Kids in Love, The Face of an Angel and Tulip Fever, the latter of which was just recently announced. 

Today we learned from Deadline Hollywood that the buzzy model has been cast in Pan, an Peter Pan origin story. Delevingne will appear alongside Rooney Mara (Tiger Lilly), Hugh Jackman (Blackbeard), Amanda Seyfried (Mary), Levi Miller (Peter Pan) and Garrett Hedlund (Hook). 

It's not a major role, but anything's better than that Fendi fashion film she did last year.