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Livia Firth Calls on Consumers to Recognize the ‘Real People’ Behind Cheap Fashion



Speaking at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, a 1000-person conference on sustainability which took place last Thursday, Livia Firth called out fast fashion brands for ignoring the human cost of cheap clothing manufacturing: “If fast fashion didn’t exist, we wouldn’t need a summit in Copenhagen,” she said, according to WWD

Firth is the creative director of Eco-Age, a consultancy which helps companies develop sustainable strategies, and the founder of Green Carpet Challenge, a project which aims to bring ethical design to the red carpet. 

From WWD:

"Citing high-street retailers as key to cracking the sustainability conundrum, Firth berated them for a slovenly approach to basic human rights through the inhumane speed, bulk and price at which garments are produced…

Consumers have become adept at '[divorcing] the clothes we buy from the fact that living, breathing people make them,” meaning the key to change lies in 'reconnection and recognition that the supply chain is comprised of real people,' she said."

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