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Terry Richardson Photographs Mariah Carey for Wonderland Mag: ‘Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?’

mariah carey in black lingerie for wonderland magazine photographed by terry richardson

Image: Facebook/WonderlandMagazine

Wonderland Magazine has just posted its Summer 2014 issue cover, which stars Mariah Carey dressed in an opulent all-black lingerie get-up (an embellished bra-and-panty set, sheer stockings, garters, an open robe and shiny leather gloves). She clutches a long strand of pearls and a flute of wine. Carey was photographed by Terry Richardson and I wouldn't be surprised if the accompanying caption — "Why are you so obsessed with me?" — were meant to be as much about him as it is about the superstar posing on the cover. Richardson hasn't been a popular guy on the Internet for the past couple of years, but he's certainly been ubiquitous. 

In the forums, tFSers are not impressed: "When is the Fall 2014 issue coming out?" asked subway 123

"When you think things couldn't be any worse…" wrote Stavros.

Kuli trendy questioned the styling: "Is she trying to be one of the VS's angel..? Come on Mimi…"

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With additional reporting from Mark E